We operate when gulls are most numerous on the tips - September to March - and try to make one or two trips each month.

If you are a licensed ringer would like to join the North Thames Gull Group and help with this work, please contact us. There is an annual membership fee of £20 and we make a £10 charge per person per trip to cover rings, powder, fuses and equipment maintenance.

The safety of the birds is paramount and this is impacted by the time taken to process the catch. Since we cannot always predict the size of the catch, we limit the number of inexperienced ringers on any one visit. However we will do our best to accomodate you. Please let us know what dates you are available and what experience you have of cannon netting, handling large birds and fitting large rings (sizes F, G and H).

We work on operational sites, so you will be required to adhere to local Health and Safety procedures. Safety boots are essential and although we can provide hard hats and high-visibility jackets, please bring your own if you have them. We are likely to be out in the open for several hours, and the catch sites are exposed, so warm clothing is necessary. It is highly recommended that you are immunised against Tetanus.


For further information please contact any member of the committee:



Future trips

Provisional fieldwork dates have been set for the 2015/16 winter season. To check the availability of places for visiting ringers, please contact . The following trips are planned, but final decisions will not be made until one or two days beforehand:

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